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Provide your clients with an unparalleled level of luxury and style.

Born in the US from our Japanese parent company Nissan, Infiniti now has presence in China, Russia and Europe with headquarters near to Geneva. We've been building up gradually over the last 20 years to make certain our brand DNA - what we call ' Modern Japanese Luxury' - is at the heart of everything we do.

this Programme is designed as the premier choice for businesses wishing to elevate their status and indulge their clients in the ultimate sophistication.

Break tradition.

Choose Infiniti.

The Chauffeurs Choice


We understand that luxury, style and dependability are integral to your business. Infiniti Q70 provides a superior space for your clients to relax in.

Finer Fabrics

The seat belt is one of the few surfaces you continually touch, so we found a variable herringbone weave for the webbing that is softer than standard fabrics. not only is it more pleasing to the touch, but being more compliant, it allowed us to reduce the friction of the seat belt mechanisms. The seat belt is more comfortable to wear, easier to pull out and even less likely to snag the thread of your finest fabrics. 

Finer Fabrics

Abundant Space 

The interior of the Q70 was designed to emphasize both the rewards of spaciousness and the feeling of space. It offers excellent head and hip room for all passengers. Interior elements like the roof and windscreen pillars are shaped to give a more open feeling. Each seat is rewardingly supportive and even taller rear passengers will have comfortable legroom. What’s more a wide boot opening gives you easy access to a spacious luggage compartment.

Q70 Interior

Matchless Materials 

The craftsmanship in an Infiniti Q70 is not limited to the exquisite ergonomics and trim. Your fingertips will seem to recognise an instinctively rewarding feel in the armrest and other surfaces. We took one-and-a-half years, surveying 360 people all over the world to ascertain the most pleasing tactile feel. With a tension and texture that match the depth and spacing of the ridges in your fingerprint, the surfaces with which you’ll most commonly engage offer the perfect touch.

Matchless Materials

Crafting Tranquillity

Active Noise Control (ANC) ensures that the cabin of the Infiniti Q70 offers better solace from the outside world. Intelligent technology uses a microphone in the celling to identify undesirable lowfrequency engine sounds and neutralizes them with sound waves of the opposite phase. The result is a quieter and more peaceful driving experience which still preserves the more invigorating sounds of engine performance.

Active Noise Control
Infiniti Service Maintenance


The Infiniti Total Ownership Experience is individual, energising and rewarding - whether you're behind the wheel or not

When the time comes for your vehicle to be serviced we are flexible to your needs. A collection and delivery service is available. Or you can have the use of a courtesy car for the duration of the service - a great chance to test drive a new Infiniti. Our passionate Infiniti Master Technicians ensure that maintenance work is completed within 90 minutes, so you also have the option to wait in our truly unique Centres, equipped with state of the art conference facilities, tea, coffee, soft drinks, free WIFI access and an Infiniti team member on hand to ensure your visit is as enjoyable as possible.


Infiniti Q70 2.2 Diesel

  • New Vehicle Warranty coverage including Infiniti Roadside Assistance breakdown cover - 3 years / 62,000 miles
  • Infiniti Paint Warranty - 36 months / Unlimited Mileage
  • Infiniti Corrosion Warranty - 144 Months / Unlimited Mileage
  • Infiniti Service Intervals - 15,500 miles / 12 months

Service Costs 2 Yrs / 20K per yr 2 Yrs / 30K per yr 3 Yrs / 20K per yr
Service 1 (15,500 Miles / 12 Months) - £230.00 £230.00 £230.00 £230.00
Service 2 - (31,000 Miles / 24 Months) - £260.00 £260.00 £260.00 £260.00
Service 3 - (46,400 Miles / 36 Months) - £307.00 £307.00 £307.00 £307.00
Service 4 - (62,000 Miles / 48 Months) - £260.00 £260.00 £260.00
Service 5 - (77,500 Miles / 60 Months) - £369.00
Service 6 - (93,000 Miles / 72 Months) - £374.99
Total for 6 years servicing - £1,800.99 ex VAT £797.00 £1,057.00 £1,057.00
Total Service inc VAT £956.40 £1,268.40 £1,268.40
Maintenance Costs 2 Yrs / 20K per yr 2 Yrs / 30K per yr3 Yrs / 20K per yr
Tyres - £1,100 1 set - £550 1 set - £550
1 set - £550
Brakes - £575.81 1 set pads - £267.00 2 set pads - £534.00 2 set pads - £534.00
1 set discs - £280.00 1 set discs - £280.00
Brakes Total £267.00 £814.00 £814.00
Wipers 1 set - £50.00 2 sets - £100.00 2 sets - £100.00
TOTAL - £3,626.80 ex VAT £867.00 £1,464.00 £1,464.00
Total Maintenance INCL VAT £1,040.00 £1,756.80 £1,756.80
TOTAL SERVICE + MAINTENANCE exc VAT £1,664.00 £2,521.00 £2,521.00
TOTAL SERVICE + MAINTENANCE inc VAT £1,996.80 £3,025.20 £3,025.20

To cover all usual wear and tear items and servicing costs for 3 years of ownership based on 30,000 mile per annum user. Tracker Monitor fitted £210.00 + Subscription from Tracker

Infiniti Interior


For your peace of mind, our comprehensive warranty policy covers the first 3 years of Infiniti ownership or 60,000 miles. Among many highlights, the warranty includes full coverage for any paint defects, regardless of mileage. The policy even covers body perforation by corrosion for a total of 12 years.

If you are away from home and require assistance, our Mobility Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should you need a hotel or replacement vehicle, we provide only premium class accommodation and courtesy cars. Should you need to continue your travel urgently, we fly you business class. Regardless who is driving your Infiniti (you, your spouse, or a friend) everyone is covered, throughout Europe. Just because you are an Infiniti Owner.

To suit your business needs we also offer an extended Chauffeur and Taxi warranty of 3 years/ 140,000 miles, Inclusive of Roadside assistance, whether at home or on the side of the road we’ll come to find you.

The Infiniti Vehicle Replacement Scheme, offers you peace of mind, knowing that should your vehicle be off the road for more than 24 hours for a warranty repair you will be supplied with a like for like vehicle – we will work hard to keep you mobile, even if your vehicle isn’t.