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Drive a different kind of company car...

We understand that every business faces its own set of expenses, liabilities and challenges, no matter what size it is.

So along with helping large multinationals manage their fleets, we’re also there to help smaller businesses every step of the way.

With beautifully designed product using advanced technology and ground-breaking safety features, choosing an INFINITI for your fleet makes more and more sense.

INFINITI Retail Group is the major supplier of INFINITI cars to the fleet market in the UK.

We are owned directly by Nissan and that gives us excellent resources in the supply of vehicles to fleet customers, brokers and major leasing companies.

The prestige brand of the Nissan/Renault group has enjoyed a rapid growth in the UK within the fleet market, with a number of large fleets and leasing companies now running our product.

There are excellent fleet terms and fleet support from a dedicated team at Infiniti UK who work closely with us.

With key branches located in Reading, Birmingham, Leeds, Stockport and Glasgow we have National coverage.

Please contact us for information on pricing, stock, information and test drive enquiries.


Telephone: 0118 208 0800