Infiniti Q60

"What inspires me personally in my life, is a beautiful piece of writing – something which is specific, delicate and beautiful," - KIT HARRINGTON


Choose from two turbo engines - A V6 for huge power and a four-cylinder for fuel economy


The rush of a turbo with the fuel economy of a four-cylinder. With an excellent power to efficiency rating and a rapidly spooling turbo the 2.0l engine is a practical choice for those who do not want to sacrifice performance in favour of efficiency.

41.5 MPG

156 G/KM




Instant acceleration and huge power; own the roads. Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG), water-cooled air charging, a turbo speed sensor and advanced turbine blade design giving the fastest response, this is our most advanced engine yet.

31.0 MPG

208 G/KM




The Infiniti All Wheel Drive system delivers up to 50% of the power to the front wheels when you need it, and 100% of the power to the rear wheels when you don't. This means you get the traction and safety of an AWD car without sacrificing the fun of driving a sports car.


Direct Adaptive Steering® transmits driver input much faster than conventional mechanical linkage systems, meaning that your steering is quicker, more precise and smoother. Every movement is a digital reaction to your command, letting you connect with the road like no other power steering system.


Steering wheel mounted instead of column mounted for easy reach - you'll never have to loosen your hands from the wheel in the Infiniti Q60, keeping you safely in control of your car during even the most aggressive cornering.


New adaptive dampers instantly change the suspension based on your Drive Mode Selector choice, so you can enjoy a smooth ride when you want it or a more agile response when you demand it. DDS also monitors chassis vitals like body roll, pitch and bounce rate ensuring you always get the best performance out of your car.


Select between Standard, Snow, ECO, Sport and Sport+ modes, or create your own Personal modes by tuning steering, engine and suspension inputs to exactly the way you want them to be. The right car for the right situation.


With a range of stylish accessories available for Q60, your Infiniti has never been more customisable.​


Infiniti InTouch can manage over 250 programmable settings for engine, suspension and steering, seat position, audio and navigation, as well as heating and ventilation with the preferred settings for three drivers able to be stored on the Intelligent Key.

Q60 owners will be able to access certain vehicle functions remotely using the Infiniti InTouch Services App, which interacts directly with the car. Drivers can easily activate Infiniti InTouch Services and use them through the Q60, smartphone or personal computer.

The comfort, convenience and safety features that come with Infiniti InTouch Services include:

  • Call Infiniti Assistance - in-vehicle breakdown calling at the touch of a button.
  • Maintenance alert notification - Reminder notification when the vehicle is due for scheduled maintenance.
  • My Car Finder - Ability to check the latest available position of your Infiniti on your smartphone or computer
  • Remote horn and remote lights - Ability to sound the horn or flash the lights remotely to help locate the car.
  • Vehicle Health Report - Providing a monthly overview of the cars status regarding ABS, airbags, brakes, engine, oil pressure and tyre pressure.
  • Malfunction notification - Provides a notification through Infiniti InTouch Services App when a warning light is triggered in the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Tracking - After potential theft, incident is communicated either with an automatic alert or directly by the customer to the Service Provider, who later liaises with the police and tracks the vehicle position.

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