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Infiniti Q70

Infiniti Q70

The pulse-racing luxury saloon

You're here to accomplish something significant. The Q70 reshapes the way we get there. More than an exquisite full-size performance sedan, an Infiniti Q70 epitomizes a life of accomplishment.

With world-record winning hybrid technology available in Q70, you don't need to compromise between exhilaration and efficiency. Opt for the Direct Response Hybrid and enjoy 364 PS while still achieving 145 g/km and up to 53.3mpg.

In the new Infiniti Q70 you'll discover a different type of flagship luxury that elevates the tactile and celebrates power and dynamic movement. Trust your impulses - they've been waiting for the exceptional.

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Step out of the routine and reach new heights of potential. Step from the Infiniti Q70 and find you have been moved in new ways - in the richness you touch, the space that surrounds, the sounds that invigorate, you will discover the true reward is the transformation of refinement into rejuvenation.

Climate Controlled Seats surround you in greater comfort by pushing cool or warm air through the front seats to keep you entirely in your preferred temperature zone. Arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed.

Bose Premium Surround Sound System envelops you, creating depth and ambiance for a wider, more immersive sound. Music fills the cabin from the 16 speakers with soothing richness and thrilling intimacy.

Welcome lighting celebrates every return and elegantly draws you into the driving experience. Upon your approach, a sequence of exterior then interior lights acknowledge your presence. The ignition buttong will even illuminate with a pulsating glow, to let you know it's as live as you are.

Infiniti Intelligent Key custom-tailors your Q70 to personalize every drive. Everything from the driver's seat positioning to the outside mirrors and steering wheel settings accommodates to your presence without ever taking it out from your pocket or purse.



Infiniti Safety Shield layers technologies to monitor conditions to help you avoid a collision, and keep you safe if one occurs.

Predictive Forward Collision Warning scans ahead, even monitoring the vehicles that's ahead of the one you are following to help warn you of potential danger and give you a better chance of avoiding a collision.

Blind Spot Intervention System uses sensors to help alert you to a vehicle detected entering the blind spot area in an adjacent land and helps you avoid it.

Lane Departure Prevention uses a camera to monitor the lane you are travelling in and emits a warning tone if it detects you are drifting without signalling. If the drift continues the system lightly applies the brakes on the opposite side of the vehicle to ease your vehicle back into the lane.

Forward Emergency Braking adds another dimension of safety in the Q70. It detects vehicles ahead in the lane and applies the brakes to prevent collisions as far as possible and to help minimize the severity of any collision.

Backup Collision Intervention employs an advanced set of sensors to help detect vehicles approaching from either side as you back up.

Around View Monitor lets you see your surroundings as though from above when parking, for an extraordinary level of awareness.

Infiniti Q70 - rear-side view

Infiniti Q70 dual exhaust system


Attention to detail sets Infiniti Q70 apart. This is not just a bigger and better version of the next car in the range, this is the flagship that sets the bar.

Matchless Materials - The craftsmanship in Q70 is not limited to the exquisite ergonomics and trim. Your fingertips will seem to recognize an instinctively rewarding feel in the armrest and other surfaces. We took one-and-a-half years, surveying 360 people all over the world to ascertain the most pleasing tactile feel. With a tension and texture that match the depth and spacing of the ridges in your fingerprint, the surfaces with which you'll most commonly engage offer the perfect touch,

Magnesium-Alloy Paddle Shifters in the Sport model give you better control of the performance of the vehicle without compromising on luxury - no flimsy plastic, only premium brushed metal.

Front-Midship engineering places the centre of mass just behind the front wheel centre line, creating a near-equal front-to-rear weight ratio, with a slight front bias that you'll feel as quicker turn-in and even balance as you accelerate out of a corner - precision and engagement you might expect from a sports car.

A performance car speaks to you through its exhaust - specifically the twin chrome-tipped exhaust found as standard on all Q70 vehicles - and the speciality exhaust tuning on Q70 shapes that sound into something uniquely compelling.

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