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New Infiniti QX50 Concept



Infiniti Dot Quilting
Infiniti Dot Quilting - inspired by classic buttoned leather sofas


Driver-centric, passenger-minded.

The layout of the QX50 Concept’s cabin is divided into distinct zones for the driver and passengers. Consistent with its conceptual predecessor, the dashboard is focused on the driver, using its form and appearance to engender a true sense of confidence at the wheel.


The QX50 Concept is wrapped in a variety of different leathers - genuine, semi-aniline, and synthetic nubuck - for a rich variety of textures and visual depth. The eyes naturally follow each different surface as it flows around the cabin. The QX50 Concept’s cabin hints at a widening range of interior finishes for INFINITI customers to choose from, including a carefully selected three-tone colour scheme.

Hand stitched leather
Lines of close twin stitching can be seen in QX50

QX50 Concept blends progressive design with elevated levels of modern crafstmanship. In place of high-gloss woods and soft-touch plastics, the interior of the QX50 Concept features a more modern application of wood, leather and stitching. Each material is treated and applied in a way to establish new trends in the design of premium SUV interiors.

The QX50 Concept is trimmed in real, open-pore ash. The wood is treated to retain its natural, and sometimes irregular, characteristics in texture and appearance. Running a hand over it, the grain of the ash is still present, providing an authentic, modern appearance and enhanced tactility.

QX50 Concept Dashboard


Deliberately articulating a sense of advanced human artistry, the QX50 Concept’s cabin espouses a handmade feel and is the result of two Japanese approaches to craftsmanship – ‘mitate’ (pronounced “mee-ta-teh”) and ‘shitate’ (“shee-ta-teh”). ‘Mitate’ relates to the practice of curating and bringing together the best possible selection of materials. ‘Shitate’ is the desire to tailor the chosen combination of materials, bringing out the best. With fine attention to detail and finish, such an approach creates an appearance and ambience throughout the cabin greater than the sum of its parts.

Co-Pilot Feature


The INFINITI QX50 Concept is the first INFINITI vehicle to showcase the development of the our upcoming suite of ‘co-pilot’ autonomous driving support technologies.

INFINITI autonomous drive support technologies will act as a ‘co-pilot’ and ‘delegate’ more onerous driving tasks to the car – such as navigating stop-start traffic on the highway or keeping track of the positions of surrounding vehicles.

With a proactive approach to safety, the QX50’s autonomous drive support system assists the driver in identifying and responding to other road users and potential hazards. The future technologies draw on inputs from a network of laser scanners, radar and cameras to read the road ahead and monitor the vehicle’s surroundings, and allow the car to react accordingly.


Infiniti QX50 Concept is a concept vehicle and as such is not, nor will ever be, in production. However this concept vehicle is a sign of things to come ​and if you compare Q30, QX30 and Q60 Concept vehicles to their production counterparts you will see how closely they represent the final products. 

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