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Chris Withington QX70 Shoot

Our guest blogger today is Chris Withington ( – world-acclaimed Staffordshire photographer. We loaned Chris and his brother Oli a QX70 for a weekend – to say they took some photos would be doing an injustice to what they did. Read on to find out more.

Recently I had the chance to shoot the new Infiniti QX70s for Infiniti.

We picked the car up from Liverpool and had it for 3 days, the studio factory in Nottingham was booked for Sunday so that gave me Friday and Saturday to cover the rolling and location shots.

The post production on these images is minimal and hey I even have my brother Oli as the driver.

I had to get the rolling shots done, and although I don’t own a camera rig currently I don’t think I will ever purchase one either, I much prefer being driven in tracking car, this image was shot on a dual carriageway in the wet, heading into the sun, which is actually one of my favorite images created for Infiniti.

The interior is beautifully refined and has every creature comfort avaible, from lane departure to adaptive cruise control, apart from steering the QX70s actually drives itself, which some may say takes away from the driving experience but when on a long journey I think its your best friend. and really adds more of a relationship between car and driver.