THE FORMIDABLE CROSSOVER FORCE Disrupt the status quo. The vehicle that continues to break new ground between sport, utility and modern art, the Infiniti QX70 escapes all classification. it's a luxury crossover of high reward, unabashedly bold design and surprising versatility. And yet, it's motivated by the soul of a sports car. Uncompromising in its vision, it's a manifesto in motion proclaiming that some are satisfied only when they write their own rules.
POWERFUL AND AGILE Never compromise - blend naturally aspirated V-type engines with class-leading agile performance and you have QX70.
    Rear Active Steering Rear Active Steering sharpens handling and increases precision by actively turning the rear wheels as you manoeuvre. By tightening response in every corner and curve, it helps you take full advantage of the balance and poise of QX70.
    The Front-Midship Platform Places the engine just behind the front wheel centre line, creating a near-equal front-to-rear weight ratio, balancing weight distribution in a way that belies its crossover proportions.
    Variable Valve Event and Lift Technology improves performance while delivering enhanced engine efficiency, controlling when intake valves open and by how much. Combine this with the the stunning 21-inch light alloy wheels and you find a quicker response, broader torque curve, improved fuel efficiency and carbon emissions reduced by up to 10%.
    Continuous Damping Control Helps maintain the perfect balance of smoothness and response in the car - the system monitors body roll and road impacts, sending the information received to each individual shock absorber and adjusting it to the ideal level. If you want to really feel the road, select Sport mode, which firms up the ride for maximum response.
    Intelligent All Wheel Drive Sends 100% of the engine power to the rear wheels for sportier response and performance, but it also constantly monitors wheelspin, throttle position and vehicle speed to divert up to 50% of the available power to the front wheels, enhancing traction and control when needed.
    EMPOWER THE DRIVE We are like you. We push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. While others might be content with making better machines, we are driven to go beyond—to design cars that push human potential. We build technology to enhance your senses, striking design that demands a response and performance that makes you feel more alive. Prepare to experience the road as it was intended.
    THE ORIGINAL SPORTS CROSSOVER A bold design, built upon a sport sedan chassis. It has the bones and muscle of an athlete with the enhanced capability to match. 320-horsepower and a paddle shifted 7-speed automatic transmission with Downshift Rev Matching. QX70. Make your mark.
    meticulous in every detail Everything you see and touch is finely crafted from luxurious materials and designed to focus on the individual seated inside the cabin.
      DISTINCTIVE STYLE The leather-appointed front and rear seats feature a quilted cross-stitch design1 that adds texture to the seatback and bottom cushion.
      PLEASING TO THE EYE The soothing glow of the Fine Vision electroluminescent gauges is designed to not only be brighter, but the contrast delivers information clearly, even at a glance.
      CONSISTENT SWITCH FEEL Touch a button. Then touch the one next to it. Notice that every button and switch is crafted with the same level of precision, so you sense a consistent INFINITI feel on your fingertip.
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