Air Conditioning Service - £49.95 | Infiniti Retail Group


Beat the summer heat with a refresh of your Air Conditioning.

  • Old gas is flushed from the system
  • PAG oil is injected
  • New gas is added
  • Anti-fungal spray is used to clean the A/C system

Why do I need my Air Conditioning refreshed?

A fair question to ask. Proper Air Conditioning maintenance can be a cheap, easy way to make your car as comfortable as it can be. For instance not everyone knows that you should turn your A/C to full cold for ten minutes once a week and then switch to full heat - getting rid of moisture in the ventilation trunking where mould and bacteria can accumulate.

According to Honest John, the two main causes of failure are lack of gas (via leaks in the system seals) and component breakdown - this can be an incredibly expensive repair.

"Low refrigerant means low lubricant, which is contained in the refrigerant, and this can lead to seals drying out, thus losing even more refrigerant and leading to failure of the compressor. Properly repairing a failed system is a four-figure job.

To read more about Air Conditioning Servicing click the button below to go to the Honest John website.