Every vehicle model is different, and each has its own unique acoustic signature. Whether it's a saloon, a convertible or an SUV, the shape, size and materials of the cabin interior affect the sound quality differently. Just as every vehicle model is different, so too is each Bose Premium Audio sound system.

The Bose approach is based on the philosophy that superior sound quality should be designed in from the start. More than 45 years of Bose research and experience have produced a deep understanding of acoustics, and how they can enhance - or detract from - the music.

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A variety of different factors are studied, from listener seating locations to the acoustic effect of cabin materials. Nearly every decision, from speaker placement to equalization, is based on this information. As a result, listeners hear music with more of the emotion of a live performance.​


As a result of the acoustical analysis, proper speaker and mounting locations can be determined to deliver better performance. In some cases, the cabin acoustics can actually improve speaker efficiency, so the system uses less power. More efficiency can translate into the need for fewer or smaller speakers, thereby delivering a system that requires less cabin space and adds less weight to the vehicle.


The signal processing algorithm designed especially for this system dynamically directs components of the music to their ideal locations on the soundstage. This enhanced level of control helps listeners to perceive a wider soundstage while also delivering a more precise and consistent staging experience for both the driver and other passengers. It delivers an acoustic experience that brings the listener closer to being in the front row at a live performance.​

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ND WOOFER - The Bose proprietary Nd woofer uses a neodymium iron boron magnet, which has 10 times the magnetic energy density of a conventional ferrite speaker magnet, allowing it to be much smaller, but just as powerful. The magnet and voice coil are placed inside the front of the speaker cone instead of protruding from behind it. This unconventional placement results in a remarkably slim profile - less than 2.5 inch (60mm) thick. This allows the Nd woofer to add depth and impact to the music while fitting unobtrusively into tight spaces.

CENTERPOINT2.0 - Centerpoint 2 Surround Technology enables listeners to enjoy a surround sound experience from nearly any stereo source, including stereo CDs, MP3 CDs and satellite radio. Using a proprietary Bose algorithm, Centerpoint 2 circuitry analyzes the stereo signal and converts it to multiple channels. As a result, Centerpoint 2 allows for greater precision when reproducing the sound while simultaneously creating a wider and more spacious sound field. Listeners can hear each instrument as if it were positioned on a stage at a live performance. It has been specifically engineered to meet the unique demands of reproducing surround sound in a vehicle.

AUDIOPILOT 2.0 - AudioPilot 2 noise compensation technology helps preserve the high level of performance in a Bose premium sound system. This patended Bose innnovation constantly monitors and adjusts the music to compensate for the effects of unwated outside sound and vehicle speed. It reacts to sustained noise sources, but not intermittent ones, such as speed bumps. A microphone built into the cabin continuously monitors the overall sound level inside the vehicle. Plus, enhanced DSP algorithms allow faster and more effective compensation for unusual situations, such as driving on a very rough road or at high speeds. It all happens automatically, so there is much less need to adjust the audio controls to preserve the listening experience.

MULTIPLE BASS SOURCES - Reproducing music that is full and rich is challenging, even in a large room. In a high-performance vehicle, road, wind and engine noise present an even greater challenge. To deliver music with all its emotional power, multiple strategically placed bass sources provide low-frequency sound more evenly and deliver heightened musical impact. Research data used with a detailed acoustic blueprint of this vehicle's cabin helps the engineering team determine proper speaker type and placement. The result is more even low-frequency sound and music that has impact without overwhelming listeners.

SURROUNDSTAGE - In a home theatre setup, listeners generally arrange the speakers around the perimeter of the room. To get balanced sound, tehy sit right in the middle. But in a car, all seats are off-centre, making it more challenging to deliver balanced surround sound to each listener. SurroundStage signal processing circuitry enable the delivery of a balanced 360-degree sound field to each seat. This helps compensate for off-centre vehicle seating, so no matter where listener sit, they feel as though they are in the middle of the music. As a result, all listeners in the vehicle can enjoy high-quality balanced surround sound, whether they are seated on the left or right, in front or back.


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