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Lauren Stone

Guest Blogger - Lauren Stone

@lolstone (Lauren Stone) – one of our friends from @RadioX – is our guest blogger today. She received no payment to write about this car, and her words are unaltered from the original.

Road Trip to a music festival in Wales!

4 people, 4 big bags, 3 tents, 4 sleeping bags, a crate of cider and some wellies… we were off to Festival No 6 in North Wales and we were never going to make the trip in my faithful old Punto.

I was lucky enough to borrow an Infiniti Q50 3.5 V6 Sport Hybrid for the road trip – and wow – what a difference this beautiful car made to the trip.

First of all – the space in the boot! Deceptively large, we fit all the bags and the 3 tents in with no probs at all. And secondly, the comfort – the leather seats were genuinely so comfy for the driver and all passengers.

So, the road trip began in London. First pick up was at Walthamstow tube; I won’t lie it felt great to collect my friend in the shiny Q50, and those front and rear parking sensors came in very handy for London parking!

Lauren Stone Blogger
The glamorous Walthamstow Central station

Then, with Radio X turned up loud, we hit the road! Well… to Luton, where we picked up our final team mate. Onto the M1 then M6 – the Q50 is just a dream to drive – gets up to 70MPH a lot quicker than my old banger- so smooth.

Aside from a pit stop on the M6 to refuel the car and our tummies, we were well on the way to Wales. Thank goodness for the live traffic info on the Sat Nav system – this saved us a lot of time and proved to be essential for the drive.

Infiniti Q50
Disclaimer – It is not required to fuel a V6 engine with V-Power fuel. Other fuels available.

After a team sing song we suddenly realized that the road signs were in Welsh – we’d crossed the border without even noticing. It soon became clear that we had to drive through the whole of Snowdonia National Park – a completely different challenge than the relatively straight forward UK motorways.

We were faced with winding roads over numerous accents and descents all whilst the sun started to set and we were treated to some good old fashioned Welsh weather, rain. With my current car this would lead to a feeling of woe, how would I manage the rain, lights and gear management. Thankfully I was in the Q50 and it had my back.

Rain – no problem! Automatic window wipers.

Failing light – the full beam function enabled me to have full visibility of the road so I could see and avoid those cheeky sheep turn after turn.

Handling – boy was this the game changer. The car handled like a dream. With every turn, every accent every decent the q50 gave me complete control. A drive that would have aged me by 5 years in my current run around was a joy.

And finally, we arrived at Festival No 6! Unloaded the boot, got our back packs on and headed into the festival site to put up our tents and get ready for a fun fuelled weekend. Thanks Infiniti, you made our road trip a true pleasure!

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