Book An Infiniti Service

Maintaining the performance of your vehicle is fundamental to your motoring pleasure and the resale value of your model. Plus, when driving a high-performance vehicle such as one of the new cars from the Infiniti lineup, making sure that it operates precisely as it should is critical to getting the most out of the vehicle.

Annual vehicle servicing is a crucial requirement in maintaining these high standards. By regularly taking your vehicle to an authorised Infiniti service centre, you can benefit from thorough inspections by fully trained and experienced technicians. At Infiniti Retail Group in Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Reading, and Stockport, our servicing teams have the expertise to keep your Infiniti running at its peak.

It couldn’t be simpler to book a service. Simply use our service booking tool below, entering all your vehicle and personal details accordingly, and select a date and time that suits you. We’ll be in touch to confirm your booking and will look forward to your arrival.