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Know More ABOUT WELLCHILD WellChild is the national charity for seriously ill children, young people and their families. Across the UK there are estimated to be more than 100,000 children and young people living with serious or exceptional health needs. Many spend months, even years in hospital simply because there is no support enabling them to leave. WellChild exists to meet this growing need. With the support of the charity’s Patron Prince Harry, WellChild’s purpose is to give these children and young people the best possible chance to thrive – at home, together with their families.
Getting children home WellChild Nurses work across the UK to get children and young people out of hospital quicker and to support and empower families to care for them safely at home.
Making homes safer The WellChild Helping Hands programme makes homes and gardens safer, accessible and sensory for children and young people living at home with exceptional health needs.
Empowering parents and carers Establishing tools and resources to give parents and carers the confidence and competence to care for their children safely at home.
Supporting families Connecting families across the UK for mutual support, advice and friendship through online groups and events. WellChild also provides support to families caring for children and young people with the rare condition Wolfram Syndrome.
Wellchild Team
Influencing change Influencing change – Funding and facilitating research and campaigns to influence policy and practice. Making life better for all children, young people and families.
Infiniti Cars
INFINITI RETAIL GROUP PARTNER WITH WELLCHILD Infiniti cars are travelling the roads all over the UK helping seriously ill children and their families with vital home makeovers thanks to our partnership with WellChild. We have loaned two brand new Q30 models to WellChild for use in the charity’s work. This will help WellChild save money which would otherwise have been spent on hire cars and train travel. The cars will be used for all the charity’s needs, but one of their key uses will be travelling the length and breadth of the country to Helping Hands projects, where WellChild organises teams of volunteers to remodel gardens or bedrooms at the family homes of seriously ill children and young people in order to make them more suitable and improve their quality of life.
Black Infiniti Car
WellChild Chief Executive Colin Dyer said: “We are grateful to Infiniti Retail Group for providing us with these two fantastic Q30 cars. An organisation like WellChild needs to get across the country to support seriously ill children and their families at home.Infiniti is providing us with that capability,empowering us to be where we are needed, whilst also enabling us to redirect money saved in travel costs towards other areas of our work.”
Infiniti Car Interior
Jamie Buckley, Group Marketing Manager at Infiniti Retail Group said: “We are looking forward to a close and long standing relationship with WellChild. Everyone associated with the charity is truly inspirational. The very soul of the Infiniti brand is all about being elevated and driven to reach your full potential in life, and so our partnership and the work the charity carries out couldn’t be more fitting.”