Crossover to adventure Feel the passion in the Infiniti QX30 come alive when you cross the line. This is the car that you’ll want to drive in the city, in the country – and everywhere in between. Let the Infiniti QX30 give you the freedom to achieve the life that only you can define.
Infiniti QX30 rear
Heighten Your Style Feel our DNA in every curve of the all-new Infiniti. From the front, the top arc of the grille mirrors the arc of the bottom to form Infiniti’s signature double-arch grille. The trade-marked eye-inspired LED headlight design can be seen from both the front and the side. It is echoed in the tail lamps for a definitive character from every angle. The side view is accentuated by the Infiniti crescent-shaped C-pillar, while a dramatic rising and dipping shoulder line runs the entire length of the car – so deep and sharp that engineers had to develop a new type of 3D manufacturing process to get it just right.
Infiniti Leather Seats
Heighten Your Sensations Looking from the driver’s seat, the interior’s intersecting arcs are refreshingly dynamic, but your first impression happens before you ever sit down. Infiniti QX30 has been designed to be breathtaking from the moment you see it – whether from the front or in striking profile. NAPPA LEATHER This exceptionally supple leather, selected for its softness and durability, adds unrivalled comfort to seating, as well as enhancing other surfaces throughout the cabin.
Infiniti Media Control
Flawless Connectivity PREMIUM CONNECTION Infiniti InTouch creates a seamless connection between your smartphone and Infiniti QX30. On-board technology allows you to check emails and texts, listen to your playlists, navigate unfamiliar places or just call your friends without taking your eye off the road, using voice commands.
Driven by desire Design doesn’t answer to logic, it answers to the heart. It begins with the artist drawing a simple line, curve or shape and loving something in it that must be fully expressed. To Infiniti, design is more than a passion, it is part of our business DNA. WHEN A BRAND IS LED BY DESIGN, that becomes the brand’s way of communicating. Every vehicle gives voice to that language through the harmony of striking lines, liquid curves and muscular stance. Proprietary elements, including the double arch grille and crescent cut, distinctly express the Infiniti design-led approach to product development and business vision. Fuelled by the power of design, an Infiniti concept car is a glimpse into tomorrow as it develops from being a sketch on the artist’s table to taking its rightful place on the road.
Silver Infiniti QX30 in motion
In synthesis with powerful design, purity of form rises above style. Through sweeping lines and arching curves, the thing we place above all else is the artist. His sense of the future. Alfonso Albaisa - Infiniti Design Director
Bronze Infiniti QX30 on the road
The Premium Active Crossover Feel the passion in the all-new Infiniti QX30 - this is the vehicle you want to drive under big skies as well as skyscrapers. Let the QX30 give you the freedom to achieve the like only you can define. Discovering new horizones requires a vehicle that breaks new ground.One look tells you that the Infiniti QX30 was designed to fulfil that goal. Sporting bold, daring lines and an adventure-seeking stance, this is a car that can't wait to swap its reserved parking space for an open road adventure.

Infiniti QX30

Every Sense is Heightened and Quickened

From the feel of acceleration to the song of the engine, we’ve amplified the experience of power and the connection to every movement.







Infiniti Gear Stick
Dual Clutch Transmisson By precisely tuning the engine to unleash torque at a broader rev range, the force you feel seems to increase the faster you go. So acceleration swell feels more like a limitless rush than a momentary thrill. A Continuous Rush Shift delays are becoming an ancient artifact. The transmission uses one clutch for even gears and another for the odd gears. The next gear is already pre-selected, and the result is smooth, quick gear changes you’ll almost never notice.
Intuitive Traction Intelligent All-Wheel Drive adjusts for better traction by sending anywhere from zero to 50% of the power to the rear wheels, enhancing traction and control when conditions are compromised. When all-wheel drive is not needed, 100% of the power is channeled to the front wheels. Drive Mode Selector Infiniti Media Control
Infiniti QX30 Interior
Make it yours With a range of stylish accessories available for QX30, your Infiniti has never been more customisable.​
Silver Infiniti QX30 side-view
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