Infiniti Tyres

Finding the right tyre for your vehicle is easier than ever with the new tyre service from Infiniti Retail Group. Our team of experienced tyre experts have pooled their knowledge and expertise to help us create a simple search functionality tool that enables you to cut the hassle from sourcing the very best tyres for your vehicle.

This new tyre finding service simply requires you to submit your vehicle registration number and/or details about the required width, profile, size, and speed of your desired tyre. Once the necessary information has been submitted, you will be provided with information about compatible tyres for your vehicle, as well as details pertaining to the nearest dealership from which to purchase.

While our team is among the UK’s foremost experts in all things Infiniti, this new service is in fact available to all makes and models of vehicle. So, whether you’re driving one of our high performance models - such as the Infiniti Q30 or the Infiniti QX70 - or a model from any other vehicle manufacturer, you will be presented with suitable tyre options and where to purchase them.

You can try our new tyre finding service today. Simply enter the required information and you’ll be provided with all the options available to you. What’s more, you can also learn more about the legal requirements of vehicle tyres, decode the EU labelling you find on your tyres, as well as find out more details on the characteristics and performance of selected tyres.

For more information on keeping your vehicle in prime condition - whether in terms of tyres, vehicle maintenance, and aftersales care - contact the team at Infiniti Retail Group today via our dedicated tyre website.