Infiniti Servicing

Proper maintenance of your vehicle is essential to keep it running smoothly, but there are other benefits too:

  • It can improve the value of your car - Cars with a Full Service History (FSH) are more valuable when selling, and those with Main Dealer FSH are even more so.
  • It saves you money - Keeping the engine running as efficiently as possible gives better fuel economy, and any problems with the car could be discovered during servicing and fixed before they turn into something more expensive.
  • It keeps you safe - Checking the most important bit of safety kit on your car - the brakes - is just one of the many areas that the full service covers.
  • Warranty - The warranty on your car is subject to maintaining the car at the correct intervals. Should something go wrong and your car was not properly maintained, you could be subject to large repair bills that could otherwise be avoided.
  • We offer a while-you-wait service with free office space and complimentary refreshments